Friday, November 7, 2008

Sleazefest - Live Garage Comp

Live CD from the 2-nights of bands, b-movies, bar-b-q and beer known as Sleazefest '94 that took place at Local 506 in Chapell Hill, North Carolina.

Lots of grody good stuff.

1.Hang-Up - The Strychnines 2.Hitch - Chrome Daddy Disco 3.I Got Your Number - The Woggles 4.My Baby Likes to Boogaloo - The Woggles 5.Boo Boo the Cat - Hasil Adkins 6. Head on the Wall - Hasil Adkins 7.Class with a Capital 'K' - Hillbilly Frankenstein 8. High Class to Trailer Trash - Hillbilly Frankenstein 9.Red Roses - The Subsonics 10. Shady Side of the Street - The Subsonics 11.I Made You a Clown - The Subsonics 12. Pneumonia - The Bassholes 13.You're Never Gonna Be Alone - Dexter Romweber 14. Hurricane's A-Coming - Dexter Romweber 15.Vamp Camp/Patina in Em - Family Dollar Pharaohs 16. Shake It Some More - Santo's Helpers 17. Mudbuggy - Southern Culture on the Skids 19. Hubcap Hunch - SCOTS with Hasil Adkins 20. Leaves in Autumn - Hasil Adkins



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