Friday, November 28, 2008

Acid Lounge Goes West

The boys of 45 Dip have done it again with the truly eclectic, haunting, wild and funky Acid Lounge Goes West. This one veers away from the hard acid jazz flavor that they offered on their own CD "The Acid Lounge", "Welcome to the Acid Lounge, Volume 1" and the phenomenal "Acid Lounge in Space", although that style can still be heard, but very faintly, which is what gives this set it’s modern kick in pants. This takes you out west with songs that are reminiscent of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Apollonia 6 and Muddy Waters, flying on UFO’s. Songs of note are the disturbing "Plastic Jesus" from 45 Dip, the Bluesy "Camieux" from Boojou Bajou, “Cosmic Cactus” from A.White, a bluesy version of the “Twin Peaks” theme, the rock-driven "Black Cadillac" from Pepe Deluxe, the funky "Vegas Vagrants" from 45 Dip, Sugarman's thumpin' "Dodge City" and Ursula Rucker's killer Dr. Rockit remix of the thought-provoking "Seven"--although, this is the only song on the CD that lacks a western flava. That notwithstanding, the "Out West" theme is consistent throughout and the songs are well-selected and original. Even the additions of two pure country songs ("Poppin' Pills" and "Let's Get Drunk and Screw") are welcome here. There are quite a few other songs I can think of that could have made the cut on this CD like Lemon Jelly's "Ramblin Man" and Boys Don't Cry's "I Wanna Be a Cowboy," but all in all, this set is worth getting if you're looking for something fresh and entertaining. Over time, it really grows on you. It's great for traveling cross-country, especially if you're headed...where else...out west!

Disc: 1
1. Nor'easter – Green 2. Sombre Hombre - Lee, Tim "Love" 3. Quite Spectacular - James, Jonathan 4. Wonderful - Dorfmeister, Richar 5. Dodge City – Wilson 6. Mugwamp Mondo – Hand 7. The Dub Cowboy - Perry, Marcus 8. Popping Pills - Miller, John
9. Elios Therepia - Dragazis, Andy 10. Butch Accidy - Method Man 11. Black Cadillac - Salo, Jo 12. Vegas Vagrants - Bemand, C. 13. "7" (Dr Rockit Rekiss) - Rucker, Ursula
14. Jays Bar - Bemand, C. 15. Loch - Harold, John



Disc: 2
1. Camioux - Heider, Peter 2. Cosmic Cactus - White, A. R. 3. Guns - Langley, S.
4. Plastic Jesus 45 Dip 5. Is the 'Erb Dope? - Bangs, Chris 6. Singalong - Treva Whateva
7. Stiff Jazz - DZihan, Vlado 8. Move Out of the Way - Sanata, R. 9. Battle of Bongo Hill - Wherry, Jake 10. Filthy Injun - Bemand, C. 11. Valley of the Sausages - Carthy
12. Fair-Weather View - Brooks, Faron 13. Haze - Houghton, Simon "Sn
14. Why Don't We Get Drunk - Buffett, Jimmy



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