Friday, November 28, 2008

Calexico – Hot Rail

Calexico is like some half-breed love child of a mariachi band and Morphine. Like a band in a saloon from the good, the bad and the ugly they are both intoxicatingly exotic and mildly menacing. More than just a side project of Giant Sand's (and Friends of Dean Martinez's – see FCCL archives for these) John Convertino and Joey Burns, they are one of the most original bands to emerge of the American alternative scene in a long time. Mixing indie-rock sensibility with the traditional sounds of Southern USA and Mexico, Calexico's dark and moody sound incorporates mariachi (#1, 7), french chanson (#2), jazz (#3!), spaghetti western soundtrack music, post-rock (#14), American folk and old time western into an unique style perfectly fitting to their name. This album is not as multi-layered as their previous `Black Light'; more of your basic bass-drums-guitar, but still features vibes, organ, accordion, cello, harmonica and mariachi horns. Tracks 1, 7, 8, 12, 13 and 14 are instrumental.

1. El Picador 2. Ballad of Cable Hogue 3. Ritual Road Map 4. Fade 5. Sonic Wind
6. Muleta 7. Midtown – Calexico 8. Service and Repair 9. Drenched 10. 16 Track Scratch
11. Tres Avisos 12. Hot Rail



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