Friday, November 7, 2008

Celebration of Life - Live Surf Comp

Celebration Of Life presents a fine set of powerful surf blasts from five great bands, all captured live. The Insect Surfers display their unique dueling guitar style, the Dynotones chunk and romp, the Sand-Dunes drive the curl hard, the Surf Kings swirl and shred, and Slacktone - well - what needs to be said about Slacktone! -- Phil Dirt,

1 Mojave 2 Electric Marlin 3 Volcano Juice 4 Hotline 5 Von Zipper's Revenge 6 Goo Goo Muck 7 Spanito Bandito 8 Green Room 9 Space Oddyssey 10 Tears of the Dolphin 11 Misirlou 12 Out of Control 13 Coffin Closer 14 Glide 15 The Wedge



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