Monday, May 16, 2011

Surfin' Lungs - Goin' To Rockingham

Formed on 1981's in the Royal County of Berkshire, The Surfin' Lungs is a power-house of high octane guitar-licks and super-charged Farfisa. Taking their influences from the golden age of Rock & Roll and Surf music - Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean - but giving it a fuel-injected thrust combining it with the pop and punk energy of the likes of The Monkees and the Ramones, The Surfin' Lungs had their foot firmly on the accelerator and rammed surf music into top-gear as they took up where the original hot-doggers of the early sixties had left off. ”

“The Surfin' Lungs' 5th album of original music (plus covers of Jan & Dean's "Surfin' Hearse", Blondie's "In the Sun" and their awesome version of the theme from "The Godfather". Every track is a hook laden corker and spans standard hot-rod songs like "Go Mr Gasser" and "Cathys Lttle Coupe" Spector-esque pop like "Where Young Men Go To Cry" powerpop like "Summertime Radio" and frat stompers like the title track and "Fajitas". The Lungs vocals have never sounded better either.”


01. Goin' To Rockingham
02. She'd Rather Be With The Sea
03. Their Car Club
04. The Godfather
05. Where Young Men Go To Cry
06. Long Live Summer
07. Cathy's Little Coupe
08. Flashpoint
09. There's Something Under The Pier
10. Summertime Radio
11. Surfin' Hearse
12. Never Goin' Back
13. Lonely Surfer Boy
14. Fajitas
15. Go Mr. Gasser! (Go!Go!Go!)
16. In The Sun
17. Surfin To Forget About You


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