Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heatscores - Light'em Up

In the late ‘90s and early Oh-Ohs, The Heatscores were the answer when it came to Saskatoon’s premier hard-rocking, instrumental surf-punk band. Billing themselves as the “Originators of the Hub City Hot Rod Sound,” The Heatscores quickly gained a local cult following for both their intense songs and incendiary live show. Put simply, when it came to surf ‘n’ roll, they were the best game in town.

Cool As A Corpse, Hot Night at the Whorehouse, Knife Fight At The Wier, Light 'Em Up, Rumbleseat, Shot Fula Holes, The Bruce Is Loose, The Bruce IS STill Loose!, The SUnset Flip, Top Fuel Mama, Vengeance On Wheels


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