Monday, May 16, 2011

Eddie Hazel -Rest in P

"Rest in P" is an essential collection of unreleased solo material recorded by the pioneering lead guitarist of Parliament/Funkadelic. It contains some songs from a previously issued CD titled "Jams from the Heart". However, you would not be disappointed to have both. Actually, "Rest in P" has complete versions of the songs "Unkut Funk" and "Smedly Smorganoff" from the "Jams from the Heart" and much more from George Clinton's vaults. "Rest in P" also has more songs which give it more of an album feel. The song "We Three" is the same song as "From the bottom of my heart" from the "Jams..". However, George Clinton adds some Keyboards from Bernie Worrell on this production which gives it a different feel. This song is the jewel set. Eddie showcases his strong, soulful vocals with his incomparable lead guitar virtuosity. Eddie "puts it down" on this one. "No, It's not" is a strong track that is like an instrumental version of Funkadelic's "Comin round the Mountain". "We are One" and "Juicy Fingers" and also strong cuts. The songs were likely recorded during his sessions for his solo album "Games, Dames and Guitar Thangs. The songs have the same feel and the same musicians such as Bernie Worrell, Billy "Bass" Nelson, Jerome Brailey, Tiki Fulwood and Bootsy Collins on Space Bass. This CD is essential for anyone into "P-Funk" and anyone who loves good guitar playing. Eddie "Maggot Brain" Hazel is in a class by himself. These two make the complete solo output of Eddie.

1. Until It Rains
2. Beyond Word and Measure
3. Relic 'Delic (Purple Hazel)
4. Straighten Up
5. Juicy Fingers
6. We Three
7. Why Cry?
8. We Are One
9. No, It's Not!
10. Until It Rains (Reprise)


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