Monday, May 16, 2011

Hellecasters - Return Of The Hellecasters

Guitar, guitar, guitar! The "Return Of The Hellecasters" features the ferociously hellacious licks and tricks of the three Hellecasters-John Jorgenson, Will Ray and Jerry Donahue. You won't find another CD, in any music style, packed with as many guitars and as much tremendous playing as in the Hellecasters debut. As well as some incredible original instrumentals, The "Return Of The Hellecasters" includes a cover of the bluegrass standard of speed, "Orange Blossom Special" as well as Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn" and the Gipsy Kings "Passion". The strongest recommendation possible for anyone who loves guitar oriented music.

1. Highlander Boogie (2:41)
2. Peter Gunn (3:43)
3. Back On Terra Firma (5:01)
4. Sweet Dreams (4:12)
5. King Arthur's Dream (4:45)
6. Orange Blossom Special (7:10)
7. 5 Minutes To Spare (5:34)
8. Rockin' The Dog (3:51)
9. Hellecaster Stomp (4:21)
10. Passion (4:03)
11. Help I've Fallen (And I Can't Get Up) (4:15)
12. Menage The Beak - The Claw (3:28)
13. Hellecaster Theme (2:54)


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