Monday, May 16, 2011

Hellecasters - New Axes to Grind

The title says it all. Three of the finest country-style players come together again to delight listeners with some of their most impressive sounds to date. Every song is a winner, but two of them really stand out to me. "Ghosts of 42nd Street" is one of my all-time favorite Hellecasters songs and is the track I listen to more than any other on this album. It has a great jazzy sound to it with some excellent piano as well. Great work, guys! "Mad Cows At Ease" is the other stand out to me. It is a funny return to the wild, lightning-fast style they are so well known for. Only the second song I have with cows in it, the other being "Farm Fiddlin'" by Zakk Wylde. For any fan of the guitar out there get it, you will like it.

1. T.W.P.P.T.
2. Riddler's Jouney
3. Ghosts of 42nd Street
4. Mist Beyond Delhi
5. Almost Dawn
6. Mad Cows at Ease
7. As We Know It
8. Mr. Natural
9. Deiter's Lounge
10. Breaking Through


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