Saturday, September 20, 2008

Voodoo Court – Nuclear Vacation

Voodoo Court's Nuclear Vacation is exactly what it says. An vacation NUKED with RADIOACTIVE Surf Tunes! There are many infectious songs on this release, which include the pulsating "Hydrogen Highway", the vibrating, twangy "I'm Your Super Nuclear Lover", the natural and clean "Gamma Ray on a Summer's Day", the tranquil "For the Love of Nepunium", the easygoing yet playful "Holocost 2012", the erratic "On the Beach", and the very special treat of the upbeat vocal "Run From The Blast". Voodoo Court has succeeded in creating a truly awesome radioactive trip. To quote from their single vocal Run the Blast, "Come ride with us or else your toast! It's your final warning!" Alex Hoffman

1 Hydrogen Highway 2 I'm Your Super Nuclear Lover 3 Every Last One of Them 4 Gamma Ray on a Summers Day 5 For the Love of Neptunium 6 California Meltdown 7 Holocost 2012 8 On the Beach 9 Red Tide Sunset 10 Sticky Situation 11 Cheese Wiz 12 Armageddon (tired) 13 Heavy Water 14 Run From the Blast



Shock said...

hey you are god?
thanks for all the great music
if you want can check my blog

Jim said...

any chance for a repost of this and other VooDoo court? JIM

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