Saturday, September 20, 2008

Easy Tempo

This release is a sampling of the Easy Tempo series available in Italy that has produced ten striking CDs of vintage Italian film music from the 60s and 70s as compiled by Rocco Pandiani and gang. This is a great sampler. Sure, there' some kitsch and camp here - especially to younger ears - but there's also great feeling and panache in some of the extracts from these 60s and 70s film scores by Travioli, and, of course, Piccioni. Acid-jazz fans will also find this a must, as will trip-hop DJs looking for great samples to base their creations around. The Italians had a take on jazz and film music unlike any other country: it's bittersweet, funky, spacey, erotic with just enough of the cocktail hour thrown (but not too much). These collections transcend camp and kitsch. They define the heart of a special time that is, sadly, gone. Sit back and enjoy.

1.Running Fast - Stefano Torossi 2. Trops - Alberto Balden Bembo 3. Blues For Alexandra - Romano Mussolini 4. Moto Centripeto - Lesiman 5. Blue Media - Lee Selmoco Orchestra 6. Diamond Bossa Nova - Francesco De Masi 7. L'Italia Vista Dal Cielo - Piero Piccioni 8. Fearing Much - Stefano Torossi 9. Sessomatto - Armando Trovajoli 10. Decisione - Armando Trovajoli 11. Airport Rock - Giancarlo Barigozzi 12. Honey Rhythm And Butter - The Green Future 13. Un Detective - Fred Bongusto 14. Casa Di Moda - Guido/Maurizio De Angelis 15. Lady Magnolia - Piero Umiliani 16. Messaggio – Lesiman




Mr. Suave said...

Thanks for posting this. Got a couple of the Easy Tempo discs, but they aren't always easy to find.

paul said...

Mr Suave and others can look here:

Cheers Paul

DaBoss said...

Thanks Paul. Good stuff.

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