Friday, September 12, 2008

The Squares

Can you spell changed? The Squares last release was garagy and tentative, punky and lo brow. This is dramatic, complex, varied, well textured, and challenging. It uses surf tones, but is miles from classic structures. Tip of the hat lads, you're onto something original here. By the way, there are no titles listed anywhere on the CD. That's not a mistake. The Squares thought ands thought about titles, but everything they came up with just seemed to stupid or nerdy, so they decided to let the music speak for itself. This leaves you in the enviable position of thinking up your own names for these fine tracks. Phil Dirt Reverb Central

Untitled #1, Untitled #2, Untitled #3, Untitled #4, Untitled #5, Untitled #6, Untitled #7, Untitled #8



Brandonio! said...

Da Boss, After you made your comment on my site,I thought "hey I never seen no stinking Squares over at Da Boss's site!" I went and done a search ,and everything.
Now I see what you talking about.I'm not currently at my puter so I'll have to wait until sunday to hear this one.
I knew they had this album out too ,but never figured I'd ever hear it though,yet prosto here it is.You never cease to amaze me with collection.Well played DaBoss,well played.

DaBoss said...

Same back at ya. Always find some nifty gems at your place. Purveyers of fine musickal talent -whot?

Brandonio! said...

Oh you were right on with this one.I find it hard to believe it's even the same band.I dig it, don't get me wrong.It's just such a depature for the band.

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