Friday, September 26, 2008

The Strangemen - Channel 2000

Fun, frenzied, outa control scifi psychbilly with a distinct bent towards a stoned Elvis. Some cool twangy instros and wacky songs to keep you from getting bored. David Scholl of Four Piece Suit (see links) guests on sax.

1. Don't Touch My Hair 2. Hitch-hike UFO 3. Strangement Television Theme Song, The 4. Elvis Inside Of Me 5. Killer Wave 6. Amazona 7. Beat From 20,000 Fathoms, The 8. Grandpa Was An Alien 9. Space Train 10. Video Babe (Live At The Neptoon Bar)



Brandonio! said...

Holy Cow!,I've been wanting to here this for about a decade now.I remeber seeing this reviewed in some zines back in the day,and was very curious.I never got around to tracking this wackfest down though.You got love a band that's willing to look this crazy for the love of entertainment,and music.Thanks a mega-ton Da Boss.

Crypto said...

Love this CD! The drummer used to work in Cambridge! Great Stuff

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