Friday, September 12, 2008

Mike Corbin - Sounds From the Tiki Hut

Repost Request:
It takes spades of talent to create music as beautiful as this without the aid of layered mixing, over-hyped production and in Miles' case, even lyrics. Not really a surf record,
this is mainly sparkling reverb with occasional acoustic amid a tapestry of soft bongo-like percussion. No one plays as clean or precisely as Miles. His songwriting capabilities are the real treat here though. Haunting, dramatic but always relaxing, it dosen't get more mellow or exotic than this.

1. Tiki Hut 2. Coconut Syrup Daydream Skies 3. Sister Moonlight 4. Indian Summer 5. Quintana Roo 6. Enchanted Island 7. Beats Around The Bush 8. Kahuna 9. California Slack 10. Trail To Magic Falls


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