Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VA - Beyond th Beach

Great contmporary surf comp. It has a good variety of styles and sounds, ranging a from the classic Ventures type sound to psychobilly, and garage punk a la Ramones. There wasn't a track on it that I didn't like. Some of it was unexpected and surprizing, but there's power, lots of energy, and excitement. I thought it all worked pretty well together. It's turned me on to a bunch of bands that I explored further - it might do the same for you. This is definitely not bedtime lullaby music. If Quentin Tarantino was to use this music for the basis of a future "Pulp Fiction" sequel, we'd all in for one bizzare, wild ride. May need to be institutionalized in an instru-mental ward.....
All kidding aside, I'd say this is a must-have for anyone that enjoys guitar oriented music - surf or otherwise.

1. Go! - Daytonas 2. Depth Charge 3. Drive Through at Molly's Reach 4. Ocean Beach - Mermen 5. Flash Flood - The Woggles 6. Spanish Blue - Aqua Velvets 7. Bowling Ball Gardens - The Halibuts 8. Meximelt - Southern Culture on the Skids 9. Outbound - The Golden Tones 10. Global Village - Laika & the Cosmonauts 11. Flesh Hammer - Hillbilly Frankenstein 12. Volcano Juice - Insect Surfers 13. Tsunammi - Paul Johnson 14. Twango - Teisco del Rey 15. Nitrous Burn Out 2112 - Man or Astro-man? 16. Spy Beach - Spies Who Surf 17. Needles on the Beach - Tin Machine 18. Straight Arrow [Davie's Theme] - Ultras 19. Shadow Land - The Falcons


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