Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Acid Space Psychedelic Comp

A 3-CD box set,that many would probably consider to be a cheezy compilation with second rate songs that would cost next to nil to release. And they're right,to a degree.'In Search...', has many tunes that aren't half bad some that are outright decent. On Dressed To Kill Records, are mostly 60's and early 70's groups playing what could be called psychedelic music, although some are just heavy blues songs. Many of the songs are live, so the sound quality is very lo-fi which adds to the appeal.
Some of the tracks that I liked are Gong-"Pot Head Pixies",13th Floor Elevators-"Kingdom Of Heaven", Amon Duul&Robert Calvert-"Urban Indian",Hawkwind-"Welcome To The Future" and "Silver Machine", and Daevid Allen-"Opium For The People". A few that I didn't think at ALL belonged here are Fleetwood Mac-"Got To Move",Chicago-"25 Or 6 To 4” – even if it is a rare live track. I think that the live tracks are really rare gems that any progressive rock junkie would go nuts over. They chose artists that represent a good portion of the vast array of bands that were experimenting with progressive rock themes. The live performances though aren't soundboard recordings - they do a very good job of representing the live sounds of acid rock. The Pink Fairies “Midnight Rambler” is live and a knockout – much slower and grungier that the Stones version. I enjoy this compilation warts and all, and would recommend to anyone looking for a good collection of non studio hard to find tracks.

1. Zu Zu Man - Dr. John, 2. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein - Daevid Allen 3. Pot Head Pixies - Gong 4. Kingdom of Heaven - 13th Floor Elevators 5. Zombies (Ghost Dance) - Magma 6. Master of the Universe - Hawkwind 7. Dust My Broom - Canned Heat 8. Journey (A Real Elegant Gypsy) - Jan Akkerman 9. I Was Robbed Last Night - Electric Flag 10. Got to Move - Fleetwood Mac Welcome to the Future - Hawkwind 12. Hippy Gumbo - Marc Bolan



1. 25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago 2. Hey Joe - Tim Rose 3. Midnight Rambler - The Pink Fairies 4. Fantasy Satisfier - Spooky Tooth 5. Ride and the View - Man 6. Two in One Goes - Jimi Hendrix 7. Vampire [Extract] - Arthur Brown 8. Paperplane Flyer - The Lemon Drops 9. Lovin' Up a Storm - Jimmy Page Sonic Attack - Hawkwind 11. Jonestown 12. Heart Full of Soul - The Yardbirds 13. Urban Indian - Robert Calvert



Disc: 3
1. Smashed Blocked - John's Children 2. With a Little Help from My Friends - Santana 3. Like Inobe God - Can 4. No Time to Live - Johnny Winter 5. Hard Rain's Gonna Fall - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown 6. Painting a Picture - Alice Cooper 7. Red House - Jimi Hendrix 8. Little Red Rooster - The Misunderstood 9. Shape of Things - The Yardbirds 10. Express Man - The Groundhogs 11. Out of the Pink Jam - The Pink Fairies 12. Opium for the People - Gong 13. Silver Machine – Hawkwind



Unknown said...

The idea behind Acid Space is a good one. Psychedelia, prog and space-rock from the late '60s and early '70s deserves an extensive box set spotlighting such pioneers as the Yardbirds, Gong, Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream, Amon Duul II, Holger Czukay, Curved Air, Daevid Allen, the Nice, Magma and the 13th Floor Elevators. Cleopatra's four-disc attempt doesn't count as the definitive overview, however, since too many of the cuts are either live cuts, outtakes or flat-out strange choices. There's enough of interest here to make it a worthwhile purchase if it can be found for a reasonable price, but it should not be thought of as the final word on the genre. I enjoy it with my cigars which i buy from online Cigar Shop.

Unknown said...

I must thank you for a lot of great and unuasual music!
I wonder if the Acid Space Psychedelic comp is still available. It seems just great :)

Many greetings //Tomás

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