Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the Surf Coasters Live Brookdale Lodge April 16, 2004

This trio of young guys from Japan play classic surf tunes and great sounding originals with passion and precision. They can hold their own with any American (or Scandinavian) surf band. Their love of playing and energy make for a wonderful show. Very powerful and commited lead guitar, tight and agressive rythm section. If you like Dick Dale, the Ventures, ect. you will love these guys. Recording quality is good, live energy, performance, and atmosphere are great!
Surf Coasters
Date: April 16, 2004
Venue: Brookdale Lodge
Location: Brookdale, CA
Source: Shure VP-88 M-S Mike>MIO 2882>F/W>Mac G4 PB>Peak 4.1 24 Bit
Lineage: MacFlac 16 Bit
Taped by: Rev. Willis
Transferred by: Rev. Willis

T01--Introduction T02--Tsunami Struck T03--Bikemen T04--Crash T05--Shark Man T06--? T07--Link Wray Medley: Rumble/Jack the Ripper T08--Baja
T09--Dreams T10--Dick Dale Medley: Let's Go Trippin'/Surf Beat
T11--Miserou T12--Riding High T13--Beach Monster T14--Fly Up
T15--Bumblebee T16--Summertime Blues T17--Intruder


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hotrodmike said...

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this one but I'm very impressed.These guys are good.I'd like to hear more of them.Thanks for this new (to me) discovery.

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