Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - StereoExotique

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - StereoExotique (2007)

The Tikiyaki Orchestra exist in a class by themselves. There really is no other band quite like them on the planet. They take the Exotica tradition as established by pioneers Denny, Lyman and Baxter and it into the 21st century.  Their unmistakable sound is a blend of the coolest retro styles–exotica, lounge, space-age bachelor pad, crime jazz, spy, surf, spaghetti western and more. The instrumentation is thick and lush with tons of percussion and beautiful vibes taking the lead on most tunes. Standout tracks for me are Mai Tais on the Moon, Waikiki Serenade, and Stranded in Paradise. On this release all the music is performed by Jim Bacchi, but in the past year the Tikiyakis have been performing live with a 7-piece orchestra. So put on your favorite aloha shirt, mix up a Zombie, and fire up Stereoexotique!

Track List:

01. X<–-You Are Here [00:50]
02. Exotique [02:09]
03. Mai Tais on the Moon [02:15]
04. Waikiki Serenade [03:10]
05. Koko Sufu [03:09]
06. The Road to Punalu'u [02:47]
07. Black Sand, Blue Sea [03:40]
08. Shaka Hula Bossa Nova [04:59]
09. Crossing Kilauea [03:12]
10. Sneaky Tiki [02:49]
11. Ali'I Fire Dance [03:44]
12. Stranded in Paradise [03:11]
13. Ocean Ambience [04:38]



fjaye said...

What a sleek sound! Lots of styles/stylistic touches -- but they don't get in each other's way. (Listening to "Swinging Sounds" right now.) Not easy to pigeonhole this music, but who needs labels anyway? Just use your ears.

Thanks for sharing this stuff.

aybsee said...

Very cool,very nice.Thanks

Anonymous said...

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