Sunday, January 1, 2012

Radar Men From the Moon

Happy New Year!!!

RMFTM is an instrumental space/post/stoner rock band from the Netherlands. Hailing from the ashes of their former stoner rock band "Boners inc.", they use mind blowing guitar riffs and grooving rhythm sections to explore the unknown boundries of space. Way fun.

1. Space colonists 09:32
2. The Wire 09:21
3. Intergalactic dada & Space trombones 09:46
4. The people who stay on earth will explode 09:17
5. Moonjuice 06:34


bobbysu said...

Happy New Year

Scott1669 said...

What a BLAST! This is great stuff. Thank you for this!!!!!

Brandonio! said...

I'll give these guys a shot,sounds interesting buddy!

Unknown said...

hi. link exchange?

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