Monday, January 30, 2012

Ghoul - Transmission Zero

For my buddy Brandonio: couldn't resist.
After hiding out in the catacombs of Creepsylvania for years, Ghoul returns with their 4th album. 11 tracks of their trademark death/thrash/crossover mayhem, tweeked with elements of surf rock and doom.

Track List:

1. The Lunatic Hour
2. Off with Their Heads
3. Destructor
4. Death in the Swamp
5. The Mark of Voodoo
6. Brain Jerk
7. Blood Feast
8. Morning of the Mezmetron
9. Transmission Zero
10. Tooth and Claw
11. Metallicus Ex Mortis



12vjoe said...

I'm not usually interested in death/thrash stuff, but this is strangely compelling. Thanks for the share!

Brandonio! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandonio! said...

Thanks Da Boss
I've only heard one album from these guys,and I don't think this one is it.I had no idea they had 4 albums out, heck! Looks like I've got some researching to do.

Defunción Sistemática said...

Thanks man, link isn't broken. Greetings!

Anonymous said...

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jim smith said...

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