Monday, December 6, 2010

Spy-Fi - Spy-Fi - Music For Spies, Thighs And Private Eyes Vol.1

These have been around the web for a while, I now have the complete set in rip roarin' 320. Now's a good time to get these if you don't already have them or to upgrade your copies to get the most from the twang.


SPY-FI is dedicated to the advancement of spy, detective and surf instrumental music.

Spy Music is that derived from the famous Spy/Detective movies and shows from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Familiar themes include the James Bond Theme, Goldfinger, Hawaii 5-0, Perry Mason and Peter Gunn.

Typically, the theme music in this genre had no vocals, although there are several examples of vocal tunes.

A typical Spy-Fi performance ranges from 40 minutes to one and one-half hours. It has been our experience that not more than 90 minutes of instrumental music is perfect for a enjoyable show. Many times Spy-Fi will perform on a double or triple bill with other bands, thereby giving the audience a wide variety of music entertainment for the evening.

Spy-Fi was founded in July 1996 by Tom Pervanje (guitarist) and Mick Zofcin (bassist). It's mission was to perform Spy Music anytime, anywhere they could. As always, if they embarrassed themselves, their mothers would disavow any knowledge of their actions.

Scott Anderson (keyboards) joined in August 1996 and Bob Yeager, "the hardest working man in spy music", joined up to more than amply meet the challenge in January of 1999. In May 1999, the band was broadcast live on WAPS 91.3 FM in Akron, Ohio. In August, 2000 they played at Acid Beach Party II and Surfer's Stomp 2000 in Los Angeles, California. 2001 and 2002 the band worked on their CD production and performed at local establishments.

2003/2004 has brought the completion of the CD project, a double CD release in two volumes: 25 songs, 75 minutes long of some the greatest spy-theme music ever written, from Mission Impossible to Peter Gunn to the JB Theme.

01 James Bond Theme Goldfinger (3:51)
02 Secret Agent Man (3:27)
03 Penetration (4:16)
04 Town W O Pitty (2:59)
05 Neptune (2:56)
06 Dick Tracy (1:58)
07 Pursuasion (1:58)
08 Ried's Situation (2:50)
09 Mother's Worry (1:51)
10 Batman Theme (2:15)
11 Experiment In Terror (2:14)
12 Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2:06)
13 Telstar (3:11)

v1  spyslikeus


Skip said...

Was ever so much looking forward to this but sharebee is not cooperating...

But I'm sure I would have liked it

Tiki Tor said...

Actually, Sharebee isn't working for any of the Spy-Fi albums. :-(

Anonymous said...

jew maka mia averry ahappy! happy holydays!
the pope

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