Monday, December 6, 2010

Spy-Fi - Black Tie Spy

...This time Spy-Fi gathered a collection of original compositions interspersed with select cover tunes. Those covers include a wide variety of styles and influences, not necessarily from the spy-detective genre. They include the classic Perry Mason Theme by Fred Steiner, Rumble by Link Wray, Apache by the Shadows and Wave by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Also included is a snippet of Edvard Griegâs Anitraâs Dance from Peer Gynt. 

The album is organized around the diverse moods and moments one might encounter in a movie soundtrack. Finished thematic ideas are separated by short song sketches which then segue back into more produced and finished tracks. Some tracks also include spoken word segments in Russian, which lend to the air of mystery and intrigue that one may find in a spy saga.

The album is named after its opening track; a collaboration between Spy-Fi and Vic Flick. Mr. Flick is best known for his contributions to the original James Bond Theme and 11 other James Bond soundtracks. Together they have penned Black Tie Spy. Spy-Fi is honored to have Vic involved with the CD and Vic plays guitar on the title track.

At face value, a Black Tie Spy might suggest a male James Bond type character in the usual tuxedo and black tie. But as one can see on the CD cover, all is not what it seems. This Black Tie Spy is a woman, and she means business and says so in Russian throughout the CD. 

The alluring woman is none other than Kay OHara; who hails from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Kay is a successful pinup model who is involved with a variety of modeling work and was happy to be involved with the new Spy-Fi project. The great Russian vocals were provided by Alla Agafonov, a good friend of Spy-Fi. 

Recently Spy-Fi underwent some personnel changes due to the relocation of its drummer and keyboard player. Bob Yeager, the drummer, moved to Austin, Texas in 2006 and Scott Anderson, the keyboard player, moved to Naples, Florida in 2007. They are still contributing to the overall effort, but distance has obviously limited their involvement on a day-to-day basis. Both Tom Pervanje and Mick Zofcin are still in the Cleveland area and are included on the CD...

Superb spy twang with a jazz influence - and a new volume to the two below.

The cool part is with a little bit of editing of some of the duplicates - you can get all 3 on an 80 minute cd for your fun the sun and travelling.

 01 Black Tie Spy (2:47)

02 Perry Mason (3:23)

03 Spies In Space (0:55)
04 So What's Up (4:15)
05 Then Play Down (1:50)
06 Bass Case (3:14)
07 Fast Indian (1:00)
08 Rumble (1:50)
09 Two Miles (1:31)
10 Memory Burn (3:29)
11 Anitra's Dance (0:33)
12 Apache (3:03)
13 Eldorado (1:41)
14 Illya's Theme (2:08)
15 Then Play Down II (1:11)
16 To J.B. (2:18)
17 La Tavola Da Surf (1:52)
18 Soul Booker (2:28)
19 Wave (3:01)
20 Sunset Beach (5:05)



Brandonio! said...

I wanted to like this particular album I really did,but the keyboard/ organ just sounded way to cheesy,and generic for my taste.Okay three of the songs are passable.They need to buy Vox or Farfisa,and toss the Casio in the trash!

TheLastSpear said...

Would love to listen to this, but Sharebee says the following when I click on the link:

"Due unknown reasons this action has failed. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience. Our staff has been notified of this problem and will launch an investigation to find out how this can occur, please try again later."

I'll try again in a few hours.

Roger McGuinn said...

Yeah! I love it the other 2 discs! but, I agree with Brandonio, the sound of the organ is too "cheap" on the other hand, the guitars sound great! Sharebee it doesn´t work! this is the only album that I'm missing of this band! I tried to buy it online (I contacted the band) but they don´t replied ...

Woodworker said...

3 days later...

Is the link just wrong?

Roger McGuinn said...

the follow archive sw41-9iv1 ask me for a password, can you say me which word is?

Roger McGuinn said...

I apologize for the password request, my jdownloader made a mistake and dropped another file (which I had) so, forget everything.
Great blog, thank you very much for the music,

DaBoss said...

Hi all:
Glad you are able to get to it and listen. I guess the difference in years between the third and 2nd made for an evolution in ideas. I'm not so hot on the third one it seems to me they got somewhat generic in their song structure and that casio sound did not help at all. I'm still glad to have the full set tho.

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