Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bernie Krause Gorillas in the Mix

This is a classic. Before digital sampling became the norm, Bernie Krause pioneered it all, with his environmental recordings, with hydrophone technology and technique, with his superb ear for pitch and timbre, and with his ideas for meshing their occurrence in natural and animal sounds with human-made music. Kids love this AND adults do too. Bernie Kraus's "Gorillia's in the Mix" may be saturated with "punny" names, but the sheer wonder occurs when you realize that EVERY SINGLE SOUND you hear is an ANIMAL--there are NO HUMAN SOUNDS or instruments on any of these remarkable cuts! My favorite (listed incompletely here) is "I'm In Trouble, Turkey Corwin" (to the tune of Paula Abdul's smash hit, "Straight Up" which came out a year before). A Parrot from the San Diego Zoo takes the vocals to the swishing tails of shrimp, the smacking lips of horses, the ruffling of turkey feathers and 30 other animal sounds! This is NOT one of those gimicky animal records like "Meowy Christmas by Jingle Cats". This is exotica taken to it's higest level - naturally. This was played at SeaWorld for years over the pa.

1. Trout from Ipanema - Bernie Krause, Mills, T.
2. Jungle Shoes 3. I'm in Trouble, Turkey Corwin - Bernie Krause, Michael, P.
4. Gaia Dreams
5. Ape No Mountain High Enough
6. Animal Farm
7. Fish Wrap
8. Stomp in the Name of Love - Bernie Krause, Ward, Ma


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Unknown said...

Hello! Thank you for all these great records! Could you please re-up this one please ? It's quite hard to find!
Thanks again,

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