Monday, April 3, 2017

The Mutants - Boogie De La Muerte

The Mutants - Boogie De La Muerte Mixture of 60's garage rock, surf, porn funk and manic psychedelia, the instrumental madness of The Mutants is a lost soundtrack for Russ Meyer's, Tarantino's and Aki Kaurismäki's films. Impossible to categorize, they call it "afro-garage-mambo".
The Mutants were founded in 1998 by Weijjo a.k.a Abnormal, who wanted to form an instrumental band after getting tired of difficult singers. Members were picked partly from his previous punk band "Isebel's Pain" and from locations you don´t want to know about. The sound of The Mutants has been wonderfully weird from the first beginnings, only to get seriously sicker since. After the first chaotic gigs with the usual rock instrumentation + organ, they needed to sound bigger. A Saxophone and percussion were added. The originally punk/surf/garage -based stuff is now smashed through Parliament/Funkadelic filter. The beats have been funkier since. You will love it with leather and rubber.

01. P.I.P.
02. Texas Rampa Mutant
03. Lady Boy
04. Erotic Doner
05. Romanow
06. Muerte Le Mutande
07. Rotko
08. Ribuli
09. Fraude De El Fierro
10. Backnang


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