Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - Tikiyaki 5-0

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - Tikiyaki 5-0 EP
Tikiyaki 5-0 's debut EP is the Orchestra's surf garage band little brother. Stripped down and more raw, 5-0 turns up the volume a bit, and the reverb a whole lot , taking The Tikiyaki sound and breaking it down to a more back to basics approach. Tikiyaki 5-0, is the smaller, pared down version of Tikiyaki Orchestra featuring core members …..Jim Bacchi on guitar, Brian Kassan on Keys and guitar, Jonpaul Balak on Bass, and Pablo Baza on drums…
Mixing tradional 60's style surf with an exotica feel, the band kicks up the energy level on 5-0 original "Supernova" and the Zorba and the Greeks' cult classic "Shockwave" with tons of frenetic pounding surf beats and a hi level reverb assault.
The Exotica classics "Taboo" and "Enchanted Sea" are given a spooky twang and reverb treatment, while 5-0 original "Ilikai 65" brings the Spy sound familiar to most fans of Tikiyaki Orchestra. The ep closes out with a slow, atmospheric rendition of the Les Baxter classic "Enchated Sea".

The Tikiyaki Orchestra exist in a class by themselves. There really is no other band quite like them on the planet. They take the Exotica tradition as established by pioneers Denny, Lyman and Baxter and bring it into the 21st century. Their unmistakable sound is a blend of the coolest retro styles–exotica, lounge, space-age bachelor pad, crime jazz, spy, surf, spaghetti western and more.Happy New Year!

01. Supernova [2:19]
02. Ilikai 65 [4:30]
03. Taboo [3:55]
04. Song of Delilah [3:38]
05. Shockwave [2:59]
06. Enchanted Sea [4:06]



Jim H. said...

great stuff, thanks! i bought one of their other cd's from their website last year, MORE swell sounds!!!!!

Mr Fab said...

And a Happy new year, to you too, sir! Will be downloading this with a quickness.

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