Saturday, November 10, 2012

GT Stringer - Up Periscope

Highly original and ultra enjoyable surf from a jazz perspective, blending surf, rock and jazz guitar with big console organ and baritone sax, like the Graham Bond Organization had they ever seen Mavericks. Amazing Phil Dirt
All instrumental, highly recommended. Love The Craw.

1 Up Periscope     4:34    
2 Left Hand Yiros     3:53    
3 Take The Drop     3:47    
4 Depth Charge     4:04    
5 Bullseye     2:07    
6 Erika     3:19    
7 International Au Go Go     3:33    
8 Bellyflop     4:32    
9 Femme Fatale     2:29    
10 The Craw



petergunn said...

Thanks, good to know you still here is it

Δημήτρης said...

thank you sir and welcome back!

iggy said...

Thanks so much. Great to hear your key-tapping again. All good wishes,


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