Sunday, December 4, 2011

Malibooz - Living Water -A Surfer's Mass

A change of pace for the Christmas Season - This album by the venerable surf band was borne from an idea by leader John Zambetti, who decided to put his church's mass prayers to music to convey the essence of the ocean. It was a noble gesture that paid off in spades, as Living Water (The Surfer's Mass) is an absolutely beautiful album that fans of the Beach Boys and Jeffrey Foskett will love. The album basically intertwines soft, harmony filled introspective tunes with shorter, uptempo surf pieces, and this approach works well. Try to imagine Brian Wilson in the middle of a profound religious epiphany. The result is magical; enough reverb, crash and roar to turn on the surf crowd and enough ethereal beauty to please new age fans. Songs like "Gloria" and "Lamb of God" are breathtaking. "Bitter Water" and "Caught a Wave" could easily have fit on the Beach Boys' L.A. (Light Album) or Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue. "Summer Wind" is the "Don't Worry Baby" of the 90s. The low tones from Walter Egan's guitar carry the surf tunes like "Kyrie," "Alleluia," and "Doloxogy/Amen." The production on this disc is as crystal clear as island waters. If you are not one who attends church or is very religious it doesn't really matter, this is great music that can be appreciated by a wide range of discerning tastes. You certainly don't have to be a devoted Christian to bathe in Living Water (The Surfer's Mass).

1. Benedicite 2. Kyrie 3. Gloria 4. Bitter Water 5. Alleluia 6. Crest, Then Broken 7. Holy, Holy 8. Doxology/Amen 9. Lamb of God 10. Summer Wind 11. Caught A Wave 12. Benedicite Reprise


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