Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chris Shahin Band The Tenth Degree

Finally, the Chris Shahin band comes out of the shadows of surf rumor and jazz venues into the light of an official release. This is a most unusual jazz based surf influenced band. The wonderful and unusual blend comes from a different angle than previously explored. Others have taken jazz into their surf as an influence. Chris Shahin's band is made up of talented and experienced jazz musicians with a fascination for the reverb, a desire to use the melodic sense of surf and influence their jazz with it. In the sixties, there was the promise not kept of Kenny Burrell and Kai Winding. 30 years later, that which was only hinted at has been brought to fruition by four talented players. Chris has written and arranged all the tracks. This is a highly melodic, mood setting, and highly enjoyable CD. It is not trad, it is a new and mature approach, well worth a side-trip. This will surely please. Check it out, dudz.

1. The Industrial Juggernaut
2. Surf's Down
3. Los 'Los
4. Emancipate This Water Planet
5. Surf, Don't Run
6. Psychic Friends
7. Baroque Again
8. Baja Cactus
9. Agent 99
10. The Tenth Degree
11. Chime
12. Americana
13. Baja Cactus (Remix)


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