Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best Of Surf – Import EXCELLENT

Look past the CHEEZY cover and drink deep mateys. This is a made for TV comp sold in KOREA – what a doozy it is. They get the good stuff over there. This is the closest thing you will get to an officially licensed comp from the great surf label OMOM from Italy. They are the guys who do the KILLER surf/garage/punk tributes – Burt Bacharach, American Grafitti Revisited, Hair, Evil Fuzz etc – and this has an EXCELLENT sampling of all their groups from these and other releases. Mostly instros with a few vocals – this is a one of kind prize that no self respecting instro lover should be without. Wednesday is my birthday – here’s a present for all.

1.Cosmonauti - Cajun curl 2. Cosmonauti - Mexico beach 3. Bluejays - To the aisle 4. Bradipous 4 - Baby, it's you 5. Cosmonauti - Dolly dance 6. Big Ray & The Futuras - I only have eyes for you 7. Cosmonauti - 7th level 8. Susan & The Surftones - Nina's empty glass 9. The Nematoads - Air 10. Cosmonauti - Green bay 11. Sit 'N Spin - Peppermint twist 12. Cosmonauti - Spanish waves 13. Kahuna Kawentzmann - See you in September 14. Susan & The Surftones - Moon woman 42 15. The Lava Rats - My conviction 16. Cosmonauti - Lazy 17. Daikaiju - Little darlin' 18. Bradipos Four - Come go with me 19. Cosmonauti - Cosy boy 20. Surfones - Smoke gets in your eyes 21. Atlantics - Chantilly lace 22. Cosmonauti - Locals only 23. Bombers vivisectors - Don't put it down 24. Mookie Brill - Heart and soul 25. Candy Eye Slugger - Goodnight, well it's time to go 26. The Retroliners - Black boys ~ white boys 27. Cosmonauti - Spring fiesta 28. Fabulous Planktones - Book of love 29. Mel Previte & Gangsters of love - Crying in the chapel 30. 20 Guitars north of the Border - What a piece of work is man


1. Cosmonauti - First kiss 2. The Blob - Aqualads 3. Cosmonauti - Bikini Angel 4. Susan & The Surftones - Blondes in Cars 5. Squid Vicious - Close to you 6. Bradipos Four - Kissin' Bonobo Roll (lounge wave) 7. Susan & The Surftones - West 30 8. Cosmonauti - Driver 9. Atomic Mosquitos - Manchester England 10. Susan & The Surftones - More 11. Deadbolt - Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head 12. Cosmonauti - Summer girl 13. Rev. Hank's Twang Gang - I got life 14. Deoras - Since 15. Petty Booka - Do you wanna dance 16. Cosmonauti - Exotica fever 17. Urban Surf Kings - Only you (and you alone) 18. HiFi Ramblers - Love potion no.9 19. Cosmonauti - Thank you Paul 20. Susan & The Surftones - Leapard spots 21. Big Ray & the Futures - Casino Royal theme 22. Paul Johnson - A thousand miles away 23. Cosmonauti - High ride 24. The Bluejays - Easy to be hard 25. Susan & The Surftones - Casper reef 26. Cosmonauti - The look of love 27. Cosmonauti - Blue surf 28. Seks Bomba - Do you know the way to San Jose 29. Aqualads - Barbara Ann 30. Voodoo Court - (There's) Always something there to remind me



Matt Bunsen said...

That Seks Bomba track is a good one... I remember them well... Maybe thats because I played in the band.

Trustar said...

Excellent run of posts Boss Man. Can't wait to get them spinning.

Thanks as always for sharing.


RYP said...

yesss, I agree with our friend T, thanks a lot DaBoss!

Unknown said...

No kidding... this is the one to get! I'll give it six stars out of a possible five!

Brandonio! said...

Weird I never even heard of this comp.I'm slippin'! Looks good DaBoss!

DaBoss said...

Hi Matt:

Thanks for dropping in, loved Somewhere in this Town and Operation Bomba. Always enjoy meeting the band members of the posts - my erstwhile copatriots have posted the Seks stuff elsewhere, who knows, it might be added here too.

Brandonio, Ryp and Tru - glad to have something new for you guys too - I always get goodies at your places and you keep me on my toes. Thanks

Brandonio - if I can find it on one of my harddrives - I'll post some amazingly funky Vietnamese surf that I scored at a local restaurant.

Lungworms - you know quality.

More on the way.


KL from NYC said...

I managed to get a good download of 2, but 1 is broken (twice). I have a feeling it's the service, not your file, so I'll try again later.
BTW, I'm at The Other Place and I'll be putting up some Crest Records singles including an instrumental by the Gee Cees (Glen Campbell). You probably have it already, but if you don't, keep an eye out for it.

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